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The Siddharth Shriram group was founded by the legendary Lala Shriram in 1889. The group’s businesses extended to textiles, chemicals, sugar, automobiles, engines, nylon tyre cord, automotive components, edible oil, heavy chemicals (fertilizers), engineering foundries, sewing machines, fans and home appliances. In 1989, the group underwent a major transformation, following the segregation of business interests across the new generation - the descendants of Lala Shriram. The group’s proud heritage and achievement over the years have earned it the trust and respect of its consumers both in India and abroad.

Usha International Ltd (the Company), a constituent of the Siddharth Shriram group, was formed in 1934 and started doing business under the brand name, USHA. Over the decades, this brand name has become a household name in India while the Company has diversified into the business of new age home appliances, sewing machines, fans, power products, water cooler, water dispensers, modern farm equipments and auto components.

Usha International's mission is to pursue excellence in all its spheres of business activity. The consumer brand believes in providing reasonable returns to its shareholders and adding value to all its principals' business operations. Usha is one of India's leading sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing organisations, striving to meet customer requirements and providing customer satisfaction, thereby building trust in the Company and its products.