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When hands and hearts come together to make something beautiful, it throws up the biggest delights, the widest smiles, and the happiest memories. With Usha sewing machines steadily enabling people through generations and across age groups to cement relationships as well as create beauty together, it's no wonder that Usha Sewing Machines has been deeply central to so many lives.

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Experience the ultimate sewing experience with powerful, precise and intuitive Japanese Technology by Usha Janome. A range of automatic and computerized sewing and embroidery machines created with a sole mission to enhance creativity, efficiency and innovation.

Automatic Zig Zag

Stitch Magic Automatic Zig Zag Sewing Machine

Stitch Magic

MRP: `19500

For all those who take pleasure in sewing, mending and embellishing their designs, this machine not only simplifies sewing but makes it enjoyable.

Computerized Sewing with Embroidery

Memory Craft 11000 Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine

Memory Craft 11000

MRP: `225000

Specialized and professional Memory Craft computerized Embroidery Machine makes the most incredulous designs possible. The ideal combination of innovation, precision and ease of use, it is a computerized dream machine that appeals to every sewing enthusiast.

Computerised Sewing

Dream Maker 120 Computerised Sewing Machine

Dream Maker 120

MRP: `40000

A true trend-setter in the sewing machine industry, Usha Janome's Dream Maker 120 is fully equipped to assist you in realizing your creative potential. With 120 in-built designs and the convenience of push buttons.

Flatbed Zig Zag

Merging the comfort of treadle operation along with the features of Usha Janome machines, the Flatbed Zigzag is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Make your sewing experience more joyful by choosing the right tools. Usha Janome foot attachments serve as inspiration for your new ideas, are easy to use and give beautiful results.

Janome Attachments

Ruffler Sewing Accessories


MRP: `3200

Perfect every stitch of joy. Infuse your creation with precision at every step with Usha Janome sewing attachments. Make your sewing experience more joyful by choosing the right tools. Usha Janome foot attachments serve as inspiration for your new ideas, are easy to use, and produce pieces of beauty.

With Usha Straight Stitch machine, shower your near and dear ones with little acts of care and affection that usher in the biggest joys of life.

Straight Stitch

Make all your designs a reality with the quality, durability and innovation of Usha Straight Stitch Sewing Machine. This composite machine comes in an attractive gift pack.

Joy of productivity and efficiency with the quality and trust of Usha - presenting a range of industrial sewing machines to cater to all kinds of sewing needs.


Forerunner in productivity, efficiency, time management and quality, Usha's Rotary Stitch Master sewing machine is highly competent and trusted throughout the nation.

For excellent stitching quality at a higher speed, presenting Usha High Speed industrial garment machines that help you in increasing productivity and are designed to give you better efficiency.


For those who want to expand their business and give their ambitions wings, the Usha single needle lockstitch machine - 8500 is more than perfect. It is not only less noisy and easy to maintain, but delivers quality products that are durable and cherished for generations.

Usha Silai Label

Usha International, in collaboration with IMG Reliance, marks the inception of the sustainable fashion label Usha Silai. The brand is an outcome of the reasserting commitment of Usha’s Silai Schools, a community based initiative that reaches out to women from remote villages across the country.

Label Usha Silai will create a platform that showcases the work of these local women from Usha Silai Schools from four identified creative hubs in Rajasthan, Bengal, Gujarat and Puducherry. The brand will work at several dimensions producing unique pieces that have the essence of the region. The collection will bear the credits of the rural women workers. 

The ensembles are created by trained rural women and crafted to perfection under the mentorship of designers like Amit Vijaya and Richard Pandav, Sayantan Sarkar, Soham Dave and Sreejith Jeevan. The garments produced will be of high quality and will carry the ethos of these regions.

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Silai School

1% of every sale contributes to women empowerment

Your contribution touches the lives of rural women in Usha Silai Schools enabling them to improve their lives and stitch happiness for themselves and their families.

A community based initiative, Usha’s Silai Schools aim at empowering women by imparting sewing skills as well as providing them with sewing machines to earn their livelihood. Usha is committed to the development and strengthening of skills and capabilities of rural women so that they can engage themselves with various self employment and income generating initiatives. Hence the Silai Schools are playing the role of a catalyst in the transformation of the lives of women by giving them opportunities to hone their capabilities in sewing and stitching. Presently 14,348 Silai Schools across India have helped women entrepreneurs augment their income without leaving their households. Silai Schools have helped women evolve as decision makers and change agents within the household and the villages.

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Sewing Schools

Usha Sewing Schools – A Platform to express and enhance your creativity

Usha Sewing School is a place where one can learn various sewing skills from construction of garments, making home and fashion accessories to embellishing an existing garment. It has contemporary, well-structured curriculum and course books, designed by professionals in the industry. The schools cover both theoretical as well as practical training to provide students with a thorough knowledge base. Usha Sewing School courses are run by formally trained teachers. The courses cater to all age groups with exciting offerings for young teenagers, homemakers, working professionals, boutique owners, new learners to name a few.

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Usha Silai Schools: Share Your Love

Usha Silai School is a community based initiative with the aim of empowering village women to become entrepreneurs and teach sewing in their respective communities. More than one percent from the sale of every Usha Sewing Machine is invested into this programme, thereby enabling all Usha customers to share their love with rural women.

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The Silai School initiative was started by Usha in March 2011. Today, seven years later (as on Jan 2018), Usha in partnership with 54 NGOs is running 15,058 Silai Schools in all 29 States and 7 Union Union Territories of India 

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