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  • Features

  • Technical Specifications

  • In-built Designs

  • Display window for design patterns
  • Apollo rotary hook with a top loading bobbin system
  • Twenty three built-in-stitches
  • Fourteen applications including stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, blind stitch hemming, zip fixing
  • Twin needle facility for enhanced designing options
Bobbin System:Auto tripping
Button Hole Sewing:One Step
Dimension of Box (LxWxH) mm:470 x 240 x 355
Drop Feed for Embroidery:Yes
Needle Threading:Automatic
Number of Stitch Functions:23
Pressure Adjustor:Dial Type 3 position
Sewing Light:Yes
Sewing Speed:860 spm
Stitch Length Control:Dial Type
Stitch Pattern Selector:Display Window
Stitch Width:6 mm
Stitch Width Control:Dial Type
Thread Tension Control:Manual
Triple Strength Stitch:Yes
Twin Needle Capability:Yes
Straight Stitch:Straight Stitch

For garment construction, quilt piecing and straight stitching

Zig Zag Stitch:Zig Zag Stitch

For overcasting or appliqué

Tricot Stitch:Tricot Stitch

For attaching elastic bands and mending/to finish the raw edge on fabrics that tend to pucker.

Blind Hem Stitch:Blind Hem Stitch

For invisible hemming on knits

Shell Tuck Stitch:Shell Tuck Stitch

For finishing on light weight fabrics to produce a tuck scallop edge.

Triple Strength Straight Stitch:Triple Strength Straight Stitch

Has stretch capability for durable seams. Used for knit fabric and reinforcing seams.

Rick Rack Stretch (Triple Strength Zig Zag):Rick Rack Stretch (Triple Strength Zig Zag)

For strength and stretch

Satin Stitch:Satin Stitch

Applique, Embroidery

Elastic Feather Stitch:Elastic Feather Stitch

Top stitching and attaching lace or inset panels when making lingerie. 

Over Cast Stitch:Over Cast Stitch

For stitching and finishing seams in one step on heavier woven fabrics such as corduroy or twill

Serging (Over edge):Serging (Over edge)

Finishing seams

Herringbone Stitch:Herringbone Stitch

Hemming stitch for blankets, table cloths and draperies

Scallop Stitch:Scallop Stitch

For borders and other decorative effects

Box Stitching:Box Stitching

For borders and other decorative effects

Elastic Stretch:Elastic Stretch

Hemstitch for finishing seams

Stretch Peak Stitch/Fagoting:Stretch Peak Stitch/Fagoting

For borders and other decorative effects

Diamond Stitch:Diamond Stitch

For borders and other effect

Link Stitch:Link Stitch

Stretch Stitch

Stretch Patching:Stretch Patching

For patchwork quilting

Multi-step Stitch:Multi-step Stitch

For borders and other decorative effects

Two point shell stitching:Two point shell stitching

Shell Tucking on blouses and lingerie. Can also be used as a single overlock stitch

Ladder Stitch:Ladder Stitch

For borders and other decorative effects

Buttonhole Stitch:Buttonhole Stitch

For use with buttonhole foot R. Ability to change the Buttonhole size and memorize

Satin Stitch:Satin Stitch

For borders and other decorative effects

Button Holing:Button Holing
Lace Fixing:Lace Fixing
Zip Fixing:Zip Fixing
Button Fixing:Button Fixing
MRP ` 22000
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