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The perfect blend of art and technology, Usha's smart Kitchen Appliances come in a wide range to add aesthetics to your cooking. From Juicers and Grinders to Induction Cookers and Coffee Makers, the line-up is just right to fill every part of your kitchen. Enjoy the benefits of healthy cooking for an active and healthy life.

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Food Preparation appliances, so sleek and easy that it will awaken the Chef in you. Whether it’s mixing, whisking, blending, chopping, grinding, liquidizing or beating, there’s a whole host of gadgets designed to make life easier from Usha Appliances. Usha Food Preparation Appliances ensure that you have more time for yourself and any chore in the kitchen feels like play.

Food Processor

Everything in one, make anything in the Food Court possible. The Usha Food Processor ensures that you have more time for yourself no matter how complicated the recipe gets.

Hand Blenders

Hand Mixer 3260

Hand Mixer 3260

MRP: `2760

Brings out the joy of cooking and baking and makes the most out of your culinary talents. The Usha Hand Mixer is a must kitchen appliance designed to make a variety of dishes with ease.


Juicer 3260

Juicer 3260

MRP: `5980

The sleek and elegant Usha Juicer makes the most out of your fruits and vegetables. Stay healthy with Usha.

Wet Grinder

Wet Grinder 2912

Wet Grinder 2912

MRP: `6295

Perfect grinding for perfect tasting dosa, the Usha Wet Grinder is a unique machine designed to handle your wet grinding jobs effortlessly from soft rotis to fluffy idlis.

Mixer Grinder

Powerful and efficient, makes perfect batter , chutney and milkshakes. The Usha Mixer Grinder is all you'll ever need in your kitchen for perfect tasting and nutritious soups , sauces, idli, dosa batter and other recipes.

Juicer Mixer Grinder

Efficient juicing and grinding, makes perfect juice , chutney , milkshakes and batter. The Usha Juicer Mixer Grinder ensures that you have more time for yourself, making food preparation effortlessly easy.

A lot can happen over a cup of Coffee! Now your Get-togethers can happen everyday with double the fun.

Electric Kettle

Now enjoy your favourite beverages and soups without any fuss or bother. The innovative Usha Kettle's concealed heating element enables faster heating.

Coffee Maker

USHA Coffee Maker is ideal for making a rich, flavor some and aromatic coffee at home with ease

Celebrate Everyday Life with Style: Usha range of designer appliances are technologically advanced adding zing to your kitchen.


Ebony GS3 003 SS AI Cooktop

Ebony GS3 003 SS

MRP: `8590

Introducing the new USHA Rinnai premium cooktops. A proficient micro precision technology from Japan.

Induction Cooktop

Cookjoy S 2103 T Induction Cooktop

Cookjoy S 2103 T

MRP: `5060

Go Green with the new hi-tech Usha Induction Cooker. Easy, efficient, safe and trendy, it is time to say goodbye to LPG cooking.

World of coffee

Coffee Maker

Discover the fascinating world of coffee; from how it was discovered to get the most out of those brown beans. Here, you can savour a real coffee house atmosphere and find out everything about your favourite beverage.

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Healthy and Active Life


Food matters. You are what you eat. You need to maintain a balanced diet to remain healthy and active and should try to eat a variety of foods from different groups. Leran about different food groups and colors , juicing and blending benefits and many more exciting tips for providing good nutritious food to your kids.

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