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Playing with Air, has always been Usha's passion, the reason why our fans, ranging from ceiling and table to outdoors and industrial, not only incorporate the best in aerodynamics but also unique aesthetics.

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A leading name in fans in over 60 countries, Usha Ceiling fans come in various stylish designs, vibrant colours and innovative technology, to perfectly complement both your lifestyle and interior décor.


If you are looking for an iconic ceiling fan that's high on performance and aesthetically appealing than the Usha Decorative range is your one stop solution.

Energy saving fans

Aesthetically appealing and technologically superior this USHA collection of fans is one of the most innovative range of Ceiling Fans in India

Special Finish

Intricately designed to provide superior air displacement, the Usha Hitrend collection features a range of creative ceiling fans inspired from Automobiles to Cartoon characters.


Vista Cherry Lifestyle Ceiling Fan

Vista Cherry

MRP: `14380

Add a world of luxury to your home with the Usha Admire fans. This range of ceiling fans are a dream come true where the trusted iconic Usha fan meets chandeliers in the Fontana range to avant-garde designs in the Hunter series, to name just two.

Light and portable, but highly effective the Table Fans let you reach those tight hot corners of the house where centralized conditioning or air cannot reach.

Regular Fans

Maxx Air White Regular Table Fan

Maxx Air White

MRP: `2030

Powerful motor with high air delivery, specially designed for Indian conditions.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use the Pedestal fans makes an elegant stand in your verandah or garden, against the discomforts of the hot and humid weather.

Regular Fans

Maxx Air White Regular Pedestal Fan

Maxx Air White

MRP: `2490

Driven by high performance, this fan can be used both indoors and outdoors, maximizing cooling effectiveness by mixing and distributing air evenly.

MRP: `0

Superior technology that suits your comfort across seasons.

Given their compact size they are real handy when one is restricted by space constraints. Add to that features like timer and the remote control options and you have a winner at home.

Regular Fans

Maxx Air White Regular Wall Fan

Maxx Air White

MRP: `2170

Precision that creates an impression. Elegantly designed for higher efficiency.

Hitrend Fans

Helix All Season Hitrend Wall Fan

Helix All Season

MRP: `7000

A design where elegance and technological expertise unite.

A range of multi-functional fans including Fresh Air Fans, Specialty Fans and Industrial Fans. These fans are built with the single purpose of providing optimum utility to their surroundings.

MRP: `0

These fans control the quality of air by getting rid of smoke, moisture, fumes and odors. Designed to subtly fit into your interiors they promise healthy living.

Personal Fans

Turboaire Personal Fan


MRP: `2000

The catchword for the Usha Specialty Fans is 'unique' ranging from hand held miniature marvels to fans that add a whole new dimension to your living room decor.

Pedestal Fans

The heavy duty Usha Industrial Fan with low noise and easy maintenance ensures that the work place never gets too loud or hot.

Buying Guide to Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

With India being a tropical country, fans are a must have for every home. Fans make you feel comfortable in a room by circulating air. There are a wide variety of fans to choose from, from simple finishes to decorative, four blades to three blades, high air delivery to low noise. Such multiple choices make it difficult to choose the right fan, so let’s makes your choices simpler: Here are a few quick facts that will help you to choose the right fan.

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Usha Kids Fan Range

Kids Fan

Usha is expanding its range of Kids Ceiling Fans with introduction of two new variants in form of Barbie and Hot Wheels Fans. Our range, which already includes the popular cartoon characters Chhota Bheem and Doraemon, is also undergoing a refreshing change. With the launch of the new fans, kids will certainly be spoilt for choice. Now the kids will have something colourful to look up to on their ceilings which would also enhance the aesthetics of their room.

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Usha Colour Choice

Ceiling Fans

Usha, in association with PPG Asian Paints, has introduced an exciting colourful offering for its valued customers. Now consumers can choose our Ceiling Fans from a range of 256 colours available in 3 different finishes to match the fans with their interiors. The consumers can order these fans from an experiential website and the fans will be delivered and installed for free at the place of their choice. This one of its kind offering in Fans industry is currently available only in Delhi / NCR and Hyderabad but we are planning to expand it soon to other parts of the country.

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