360R InfinitiCook

360R InfinitiCook
360R InfinitiCook
360R InfinitiCook
  • Features

  • Technical Specifications

  • 10 in 1 Multi Cooking Functions - Baking, Grilling, Roasting, Air fries, Thawing, Slow cooking, Barbecue, Braising, Toasting & Air drying
  • Rotisserie Function:
  • Features Pause function
  • Even Cooking from 360˚: The food is cooked evenly from all sides, making sure that no side is undercooked or overcooked.
  • Perfect browning- Get the perfectly caramelised and crispy surface in your grills and roasts without breaking a sweat.
  • No Flipping: No need to guess when to flip the food.
  • No Manual intervention: An end to the frequent lid opening, flipping, and extra time taken to flip food items.
  • Rotisserie Accessories:
  • Rotisserie Basket- For tumble grill to get the perfectly browned fries, potato wedges, Popcorn, Grilled veggies etc
  • Rotisserie Grill- For handling small and large pieces for the perfectly grilled steaks.
  • Rotisserie Skewers- For the perfect tikkas and
  • Rotisserie Stick- For perfectly browned full size roasts

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